A month or so ago I finished reading Wherever I Wind Up by the Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey.  As a Mets fan since the day I was born, and simply a baseball fan, it has been thrilling to watch how well Dickey has been playing and inspiring to witness how famous his story has become. 

Being a Mets fan is frustrating. 
But seeing a Mets player succeed as much as R.A. has so far,  and with such a unique story has eased some pain. 

The guy is already a legend.

After finishing the book I found myself wanting to create a cover of my own.
Dickey’s turning point came a few years ago when he nearly drowned in the Missouri River after trying to prove he could swim across it.  The life-threatening situation not only changed his outlook on life, but as crazy as it sounds his philosophy on pitching.  Here he is rising out of the river, already trying to aim his next knuckleball. 

Here’s to R.A. and him hopefully winning a Cy Young Award this year.
…Which couldn’t hurt his chances at selling the rights to his story for a movie deal. 
The ending would be a little too perfect.

(By the way, if you don’t know who R.A. Dickey is, what the fuck is wrong with you.  Here he is on Letterman the day after pitching in the All-Star Game)